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Need private tuition for Science or Maths KS3, GCSE & A level?
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Proven Success: Year on year 
grade improvement
and higher test scores:

An experienced and motivational High school Science Teacher, I am responsible for the delivery of the Science Curriculum to KS3 (Y7 & Y8) and KS4 (Y9-Y11) at an established Faith based High School.

Previously I delivered the A Level Biology and Chemistry syllabus to Year 12 and Year 13 students at a Catholic High School.


I strive to help students achieve the best results possible, whilst building strong relationships with both students and parents. 

To allow continuity for students during this period of school closures, I'm offering  VIDEOCONFERENCING, FaceTime and WhatsApp Video tutorials.   

All the lesson PowerPoint presentations are delivered as in the classroom shared online and homework/assessments are submitted via email.

Customized Learning 
Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

Each student is provided with a free initial assessment, to analyse their strengths and areas for development. This is to ensure they receive the ongoing support they need. 

The aim is to build subject confidence, academic ability and motivation to learn. 

Students will have past-papers marked and feedback is provided with recommendations made on topic review areas.

Exam Prep

On an individual basis, a tailored learning plan is implemented by a subject specialist tutor.  Students’ progress is monitored after each session and conduct a further assessment every three months. 


Every programme is custom-built to start at each child's current ability level so they experience success from the start and confidence grows!


Good exam technique and practice are critical to exam success, at Brighter Prospects students are exposed to exam practice questions as part of their lessons so students quickly develop the confidence to apply their knowledge.

I offer GCSE & A Level mock exams and holiday revision classes. These represent ideal preparation for those all-important end of year exams which could shape the future of your child’s education. For more information, please contact me.

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